Jon@JTA Jonathan Talley Architects Limited

We are a RIBA Chartered Architecture Practice based in Haywards Heath.

​Our key goal is to help you - the client - get to the end of the process with the building you want, be this an extension to your home or a new base for your business.

We will not over complicate how we talk to you and be as open and as clear as we can. We are aware for the majority of people this may be the first contact they have had with an architect and may never have undertaken a building project before.

You as our client are the most important factor in each and every project. You are the key to unlocking the project, we are just there to open the door.

Our role is to listen then guide and develop your ideas further and assist you in making decisions that will get the best out of your project and subsequently impact how you live in and use your new spaces.

​It is important that we can work collaboratively together as any building project isn't a short process and all projects take time.

​It is our mission to be as proud of your project as you are and you to be as proud as we are.

Whatever stage you are at, contact us to discuss your project or 07956 870019

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16 Coniston Avenue
Haywards Heath
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Telephone: 07956 870 019

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