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Juliette Goddard Artist -Painter -Printmaker-ceramics / Writer /Journalist

Juliette Goddard MARCA -www.juliettegoddard.co.uk
A Portrait of an Artist “Juliette Doughty Goddard”

http://youtu.be/DGCfdUwiNbI- The Nightingales - Piano and Painting in colaboration
http://vimeo.com/59241525- Animation film with Kenya

book “Who’s Who in Art” - Editor Charles Baile de Laperiere – Biographies of leading men and women in Britain today.

I studied Fine Art at Middlesex University under several well known Artist's, Richard Wentworth, currently head of sculpture at the Royal College of Art and Painter Paula Rego.I graduated with a BA (hons) degree in Fine Art at Middlesex University and a Master of Arts Fine Art in Printmaking in 1984, from the RCA under the late Professor Alistair Grant.At the Royal College of Art,Professor Grant managed to get financial support for me to complete my degree from a bursary scholarship from the late Sir Henry Moore's Foundation, and I visited Much Hadham in 1984, to see Henry Moore working away in his studio, with a questions and answer's group workshop and a walk around Much Hadhams estates.

During my time at the Royal College of Art under the guidance and influence of Professor Alistair Grant in my first year second term I went on an exchange to the I’ Ecole des Arts Decorative Paris in France, to be an apprentice with the famous print technique's master's studying etching ,lithography and printmaking.
There I was very privileged to work with the print technicians’ of Picasso Chagall, Rouault and Henry Moore, as Alistair Grant spoke fluent French and negioated time for his students to study abroad also promoting the very best for his students, creating opportunities for study and experience abroad.
Returning to the Royal College of Art, I completed a Masters degree in Printmaking the work very much inspired by the French Tradition of printmaker painters.My degree exhibition was a great commercial success with a series of colour etchings all inspired by the classical world of the Greeks. “Achilles prepares himself for the Battle” –etching designs were taken up by a Commercial T-shirt company became one of many Art inspired t-shirts, Cream Teas.
My recent exhibition in September was "Choices" and "Europa" -the Woman exhibition at the 12 star European Art Gallery and Choices an exhibition including over one hundred Black Artist's designers at the Bargehouse Art gallery in London. There were over a thousand people at the opening event ,I also wrote a piece for the Black History Month official guide , on Royal College of Art Black. There's and article included about my paintings on www.duniamagazine.com a USA magazine.
Frank Bowling – Migrations Journeys into British Art
Tate Britain presents an Exhibition exploring British Art shaped by its Migration. Featuring in the Exhibition are included the works of Anthony van Dyke sixteenth and seventh century artists, John Singer Sargent and many of the artists who moved between Europe and the United States.

Stowels Trophy exhibition of students Paintings and original prints- The Diploma Galleries Royal Academy of Arts London March 23rd-29th -1981
Royal College of Art – Graduation exhibition (Prints) 1984
Exhibition at the Zanzibar club -prints May -June -London, convent Garden WC2 Zella Nine Art Gallery South Kensington- London-1984
Chapter Art Centre market road ,Cardiff Wales –" 5 Printmakers – September 8th 29th -1984 Weslh Arts Council.
Art Show- Nigel Frank-Art consultant- mixed exhibition –1984
Ashley Arts centre Epsom- Juliette Goddard MARCA-prints,drawings, ceramics.August-September South East Arts-1984
International Contemporary Art fair London- Olympia London- Prints 1984
"Crafts into Europe"- Arts Council- Exhibition and speaker at Conference Lincolnshire. 1995 September-Eastern Arts.
Portobello Road Art galley – Mixed exhibitions prints- Sue Williams-London
Summer Exhibition- Prints Paintings- Suzy Diamond Holland Park London.
Tea Rooms des Artist- Exhibition of Prints –London -1988
Bezzaliel Gallery-Exhibition of Print's - Gallery Knightsbridge -London Solo show -1988
Gainsburgh House Art galley –Exhibition and Residency project of Prints drawings and ceramics-Suffolk
"Marc Chagall"-Willesden art gallery november-1992- La fontaines fables South Bank touring exhibition, included the residency work of Anson School-BBC blue Peter Project -Live to 15 million children/blue Peter Badge- British Museum-Designed plastic bags for the shop.
Highland Printmakers Exhibition- "Six by three" - Exhibition and Residency Artists Scotland
Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition- Print “Europa”- Piccadilly London
Hot of the Press – Ceramics and Printmaking National touring exhibition – Crafts Council - London –Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery– Cumbria. North England
Lowick House Printmaking Exhibition- Residency schemes –Ulverston Cumbria.
"Fired Print"-Northern Potters association Biennial festival September 4th 6th 1998
The South East Festival of Craftsmanship exhibition-Petworth House. West Sussex
Kecskemet Hungary – Ceramic and Printmaking exhibition British Council Conference in Budapest Hungary.
The 8th National Ceramics exhibition Canberra –Australia awards sponsor by South East Arts and the British Council – International Networking Award to present paper –The Impact of Indigenous Printmaking on Global communications- published with UWE-Bristol presented on ABC-Radio-Hot of the press exhibition Aberystwyth University – Interview with Moria Vinchetelli – Art Historian/ Writer. Works held in the private collections of Swiss collectors and Danielle Blaise Thorens Art gallery Architects Lang and Partners –commission work for Davidoff –Swiss Artists uk- Anlass – exhibition Embassy: Chateau de Painters -Geneva. Creative Dialogue- Swiss Ambassador Brono Spinner London Arts and Health exhibition- Reflections –London Christies Auction House London Piccadilly –Art for Life – Cancer research auction 2003-2007 “In Between” - Paintings exhibition- Gundeldinger Feld – Basel Switzerland- Curated- "Alan Minter" -exhibition The Boxer-photographs of Olympic moments at Crawley Museum -Project - "Myself and my friend" - with Tate Britain/Damascus and BP National Portrait prize winner Sara Shamma-Syria Damascus. "Europa"- Collograph print--The Woman Exhibition-Oxford University - The European Commission's 12 star gallery Westminster London. "Choices"-Paintings- The British European design group and the Africian and Caribbean design diaspora at The Barge House -London -"The Road to Crawley"- Exhibition - Black History Months Heritage project Hawth Arts Centre West Sussex.
Publications –Magazines- Books-Articles
Art and Design-100 year at the Royal College of Art- Christopher Frayling-Book-The Artist Magazine –AN –Publications – Exhibiting and Selling Abroad- included“Building a reputation abroad”-Judith Staines. Printmaking Today Magazine-Lino-Cut Ceramics-The Artists magazine – feature “Art without Frontiers”1995-Swiss Commission AN-Publications – Feature Ceramics Lino-cuts in Clay-from Hot off the Press Ceramic Review- Lino-cuts in Clay- Ceramic technical 1997 - Lino-cuts onto Clay-Fired Print- Art Monthly –Juliette Goddard Curator –“Upfront Ceramics” –reviewed Fired Print.Crafts magazine- “Dish of the day”- Hot of the press Exhibition reviewed“Hot of the press” Ceramic and Print – Exhibition Catalogue included with Lino-cuts on Clay- Bellow publishing Terry Bennett and Paul Scott-Ceramic and Print – A&C Blacks –book by Paul Scott A potters guide to the ceramic surface- Book -Jo Connell “Printed Clay”- Graphic arts and the Ceramic surface- A&C Blacks –book-Articles –Art Of England -magazine(Issue 63)-A Review of the Athens Biennale 2009 Heaven-at Palaio Faliro-Athens-(Issue 77)-Dame Paula's Magical Museum Lisbon reviewed. Dunia Magazine-"The Paintings of Adjani Klinsmann at Brick Lane Art gallery" -"A Cultural Diversity affair at the Royal College of Art" Jamacian Artist Rohan Clarke Clinches Top awards at the Art of the Offenders exhibition Royal Festival Hall. "A deeplyrooted Passion for Paintings shaped by my Childhood"- articles by Juliette Goddard. "Cry of a Caged Bird"Artlyst .The official guide to Black History Month "Royal Reunion" –The African and Caribbean Design Diaspora- Festival Catalogue- The New Black Magazine.
Awards Media TV Radio:
ABC/ BBC - Radio programe with Germaine Greer - Topic Aboriginal Arts, following 8th National Ceramics Conference Canberra Australia
TV - BBC - Blue Peter - Live Topic- Africian Art -Artist in Residency with Brent School and Museum of Mankind.
TV-BBC series- Rolf Harris on Art- Constables "The Haywain"- Exhibition at the National Gallery London
Bishop FM Radio interview - Working with the Bowes Museum- The Big Draw
Tyne Tees TV - Working on The Big Draw at Local Children at the Bowes Museum-Co Durham.
Kecskemet Hungary- Project Ceramic and Print residency exhibition - Budapest TV
Awards - South East Arts International Networking Award- Presented a paper at Canberra University- Australia
Artist Winner- "Art in Motion" - Arts and Sports Competition -K2-Mixed media "Dame Kelly Homes" 2012 Olympic exhibition project painting at K2 Sussex
Web-site's -Creative West Sussex- Artlyst.com- Europa-Moria Vincintelli's interview published - Aberysthwyth University's Web-site
RCA Black- www.duniamagazine.com/.../a-cultural-diversity-affair-at-the-royal-c
http://youtu.be/L9tGKpyGdjY- Alice Neel at the Whitechapel Art Gallery London
http://youtu.be/KyQIQVR-KS4- Tracey Emin and Louise
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfyHi3KI2WY- The Nightingales with Piano
Interview with Bishop fm radio
ICFFwww.icff.com/I would be showing at LOS ANGELES Convention Centre California 19-23 June. The show is sponsored by DWELL, BEDG and AACDD
The Royal College of Art 175 exhibition 2012
The BEDG/'s successful curated exhibition 'Black Symbiosis' of 16 AACDD designers at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (www.icff.com), America's leading interior design trade event in New York in May 2012, resulted in a spontaneous invitation to show at Dwell on Design 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Centre 22 - 24 June 2012.
"Layered Identities" - Fusing indigenous cultural heritage and new identities
Out in LA to represent AACDD are Gary March and Adjani Okpu-Egbe, who also took part in a talk show with Dwell Magazine Deputy Editor Aaron Britt focusing on ho what extent - if at all - education in different cultural and intellectual environments can actually influence indigenous creativity.
Dwell on Design: dod.dwell.com
The Bargehouse Exhibition London - September 2012- " Black I am" Curator Juliette Goddard
The Bargehouse exhibition opening in London at the Bargehouse September 19th 2012
The 2012 AACDD Bargehouse Festival
Since its debut in September 2010 as partner of the London Design Festival, the three year African & African- Caribbean Design Diaspora programme organised by the London-based British European Design Group has brought together and exhibited more artists and designers of African and African- Caribbean origin from more countries and more creative disciplines than any other previous single initiative of this kind.

The title of this year’s AACDD Bargehouse Festival ‘Untold Gold’ places the outstandingly beautiful and original work of more than 150 artists and designers from the UK, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean within the unique backdrop and raw space of Bargehouse, London.

All five floors of the listed Bargehouse building, opposite the Oxo Tower on the Southbank – the capital’s new hub for exciting multicultural and multinational art and performance activities - will be devoted to showcasing exceptional works from creatives of African and African-Caribbean descent.

Disciplines represented will include fine art, sculpture, design, graphic design, photography, multimedia and music, architecture, furniture, lighting, textiles, home furnishings, ceramics, fashion and fashion accessories, jewellery and beauty, as well as live music and other performances.

In addition, a simultaneous virtual exhibition will showcase the work of artists and designers whose pieces cannot easily be transported from their countries of origin.

The 2012 AACDD Bargehouse Festival ‘Untold Gold’ will also include the special feature exhibition ‘A life apart?‘ showing the similarities of tools and objects of daily use in traditional societies in rural Africa and the Western World in the past.
The superbly crafted artefacts of daily use by traditional African artisans pay homage to their magnificent manual skills and indigenous creativity, which have yet to be recognised as important cultural heritage by the Western world.
The AACDD project will create its own legacy, by highlighting the talents of new and emerging artists and designers, many of whom have not had the opportunity to showcase their works before.
The exhibition can been seen below:
Vox africa TV PRESENTATIONS.Untold Gold Pt 2 - Afrobuzz - Voxafrica
with so much talent on offer it was impossible to squeeze it all into one feature so we return to the Oxo Tower to bring you more from the Untold Gold Art exhibition. There’s also a round up of the American Music Awards Nominations,
Untold Gold Pt 2 - Afrobuzz - Voxafricawww.voxafrica.co.uk/afrobuzz/ v=0_o84oe56a&p=1...
New animation piece link-https://vimeo.com/59241525-kenya Airlines June and July 2013 .Exhibition - Outside In - Hastings Museum and Art gallery-2013 July-sept
29th Reviewed by The Guardian Professional http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture-professionals-network/culture-professionals-blog/2013/jul/10/outside-in-artists-outsider-art August 2 -2013- "The Dead Have Dreams"- One night screening - Philadelphia USA -www.grizzlygrizzly.com
Radio Interview - Bishop FM- current work. Crawley Station arts project Crawley: Oil Bennet secret post card exhibition June 18th 2015 www.olipostcards.com
The Horsham District Post-Elephant fantastic Project Horsham: July 2015- Juliette Goddard "Elephantastic" Auction with Brian Blessed - and Jonathan Pratt TV bargan hunt - md Saturday 21st November St Johns Hall 10am-4pm Bellmand Auctioneers from Wisborough Green. Elephant is Autographed by Dave Benson Philips- Mixed exhibition with works on paper and new work London Road group Artists
Adventure exhibition at the Jubliee Community Hall- East Grinstead opening 5th December-Jan 2015 Chateau des painters- Geneva -Switzerland Swiss Artists Uk August 2016 http://nastywomenexhibition.org/ Nasty women exhibition Amsterdam 2017
Oil Postcards exhibition Westminster school - www.olipostcards.com- June 22nd 2017 18.00
Gainsbourgh House Charity Auction/Art fair www.gainsborough.org September/October 2017
The European Outsiders conference 2018 Pallant house Art gallery- May 4th -6th West Sussex-2018 Exhibiition- The Brickworks Art gallery Somerset -Swiss Artists uk
"One Bare Foot square"- Ghana Africia -Uncooked Culture Gallery -Nottinghill Gate Walmer Castle- London Nov 2018. Arts using Lino-cuts -Crawley arts society November 2018. Swiss Artists uk Exhibition In London Hampstead Museum August 2019.
Attended the VIP 1.54 Art Marrakech in Marrakech Mamounia Hotel and visited the artists studios outside the city. Oil Bennett post card exhibition July 2019
Teaching Experience: Teaching included Ormond Road Community Workshops Islington London- Further and Adult Education/ included some special need's Lectures includes, Middlesex University, Lancaster University, Dundee University, Aberdeen, Edinburgh Art School, and Glasgow School of Art – alongside Artist in Residency scheme. Aberystwyth University, Carshalton College Head of Media, Art and Design-16+

View my website https://vimeo.com/59241525/

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&quot;Nasty women&quot;http://nastywomenexhibition.org/ / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2017-05-15T00:00:00Z">Mon 15 May</span> to <span  itemprop="endDate" content="2017-06-15T00:00:00Z">Thu 15 Jun 2017</span> <span>(1 month)</span>"Nasty women"http://nastywomenexhibition.org/ / Mon 15 May to Thu 15 Jun 2017 (1 month)

Exhibition in Amsterdam in May 2017 http://nastywomenexhibition.org/

Secret post card Exhibition Westminster School London. / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2015-06-05T00:00:00Z">Fri 05</span> to <span  itemprop="endDate" content="2015-06-18T00:00:00Z">Thu 18 Jun 2015</span> <span>(2 weeks)</span>Secret post card Exhibition Westminster School London. / Fri 05 to Thu 18 Jun 2015 (2 weeks)

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http://youtu.be/FDX6hj-PIgw The BEDG/'s successful curated exhibition 'Black Symbiosis' of 16 AACDD designers at the International Contemporary Fur...

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Gainsbourgh House Charity Auction/ art fair / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2017-09-08T00:00:00Z">Fri 08 Sep 2017</span>Gainsbourgh House Charity Auction/ art fair / Fri 08 Sep 2017

a wonderful opportunity to take part to raise funds for the future Generations , for a Modern Art gallery and National Art Centre.

Elephantastic project to decorate an elephant to be auctioned . / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2015-06-22T00:00:00Z">Mon 22 Jun 2015</span>Elephantastic project to decorate an elephant to be auctioned . / Mon 22 Jun 2015

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Exhibition&apos;s / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2012-02-20T00:00:00Z">Mon 20 Feb 2012</span>Exhibition's / Mon 20 Feb 2012

The BEDG/'s successful curated exhibition 'Black Symbiosis' of 16 AACDD designers at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (www.icff.com), Ame...

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Desert Haze - Paintings by Juliette GoddardDesert Haze - Paintings by Juliette Goddard

A video made with the Paintings of Juliette Goddard and the animation skill of film maker from Kenya , whom won many awards for her Yellow Fever film ...

Alice Neel - &quot;Painted Truths &quot; exhibitionAlice Neel - "Painted Truths " exhibition

A video presented by Juliette Goddard for Artlyst on the paintings of the Artist Alice Neel, an interesting selection of her work and Life and Times o...

&quot;Paula Rego &quot; exhibition of Paintings in London"Paula Rego " exhibition of Paintings in London

Exhibition of the Paintings of the work of Dame Paula Rego, presented by Artists Juliette Goddard for the company Artlyst.

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Interview on Art workInterview on Art work

The interview takes place at Stanhope Castle in the media rooms of the Tower wing, with Radio presenter Terry it describes the current work and its in...

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Art of the Offender- ArtlystArt of the Offender- Artlyst

Art of the Offenders - Artlyst venue Festival Hall London

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Juliette Goddard / Artist -Painter -Printmaker-ceramics / Writer /Journalist

JulJuliette Goddard / Artist -Painter -Printmaker-ceramics / Writer /Journalistiette Goddard MARCA -www.juliettegoddard.co.uk A Portrait of an Artist “Juliette Doughty Goddard” https://vimeo.com/59241525 http://www.yout...