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Talking Sence The Changing vocabulary of mind and Brain

Talking Sence The Changing vocabulary of mind and Brain

Talking Sence an exhibition of Fifty Artists fifty minds fifty artworks in part film sculpture and print at The Porticos Library Manchester From January till April 2020.The changing vocabulary of Mind and Brain . Details can be viewed on the Portico Library Website.
Free public private view Thursday 16th January 6-8pm
The vocabulary we use to describe mental and emotional experience is changing.with attitudes shifting towards compassion in policy and treatment, terms such as well being recovery and mental health are being re-examined and their connotations questions.words like nerodiersityemerged to describe the world of mind and Brain thought and feeling in a less stigmatiseing way but study the neurological is just one part of developing our understanding.societies are also responsible for distress and disability, and behaviours between each other shape our lives.The standard guide psychologists,psychologists and services remains the diagnostic and statical manual of mental disorders - first published in 1952 ,in the exhibition Talking Sence ,Fifty Artists are paired with fifty phrases created by jumbling the textbooks most recent edition, whose terminology and methodology have been criticised by professionals and survivors of harmful treatments.by reorganising this language and juxtapositing it with eclectic artworks we hope to open up a space for helpful conversations around the future the future of Care.

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