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Talula Sparkles / Talula Sparkles

Talula Sparkles

Talula Sparkles

Children's costumes and Photographic props..Read more


TAP into Art Education


We are a community focused art group offering creative half-day sessions in Textiles, Art and Photography. Our classes are open to all adults and all abilities and are facilitated by experienced art practitioner and faci.....Read more

Teresa Newham / Artist, Photographer, Printmaker

Teresa Newham

Artist, Photographer, Printmaker

I am a frequent visitor to the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland, where the local history and spectacular scenery originally kindled my interest in photography. In 2006 I took up watercolour painting. Largely .....Read more

TerryficArt / Digital Art


Digital Art

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names have been used to describe the process, including comp.....Read more

The Base Collective / Designers and Arti

The Base Collective

Designers and Arti

The BASE Collective is inhabiting the top floor of Bates Mill. We are all freelancers running our own businesses. Our strength lies in collaborating on projects where they share ideas and clients. This is a great adv.....Read more

the gallery at Slaithwaite

the gallery in the emporium

The gallery at Slaithwaite, situated in The Emporium, is a unique art space providing the opportunity for local artists to display and sell their work. A diverse collection of art in its different forms - paintings, ph.....Read more

The Oakwood Gallery Ashburton

The Oakwood Gallery Ashburton

The Oakwood gallery is owned and run by Greg Ramsden. The gallery displays paintings, photographs, prints, sculpture, jewellery and ceramics. The gallery has its roots in traditional art but puts a very modern twist on i.....Read more

The Unseen View / Nigel Grist - Printmaker & Photographer

The Unseen View

Nigel Grist - Printmaker & Photographer

Hello, I’m Nigel Grist, a Devon based printmaker, photographer & Dartmoor walking guide. Words, wildlife & landscape are important influences. My photography ranges in scale from detailed macro images, especially.....Read more


the-other1 Photography

Animal photography, mostly of rare breed stallions...Read more

Tim Kendall Photography

Tim Kendall

I've been taking pictures for over thirty years in many countries and with a wide range of equipment. I lived in Holland for twenty years from where I travelled around Western Europe and much of South east Asia taking pi.....Read more

Tim Reeves Photography

Tim Reeves Photography

After a long career as a Solicitor, latterly in mental Health Law, I have changed my direction to a more creative way of being and, in particular, I am now working as a photographer. Portraits are my particular love. Ple.....Read more

TimBoon / Tim Boon Photographic Designer


Tim Boon Photographic Designer

TimBoon Photographic Designer... not just your run of the mill photographer... Tim Boon will capture any event from weddings to tailor made event photography turning anything he shoots into a truly remarkable ... fun exp.....Read more


Budding (perhaps blossoming) writer and photographer

In times of need, stress, joy, confusion or just plain boredom..... I write. I take photographs sometimes too, but mostly for fun...Read more

Tom Carter |NailbombPhotographic

Nailbomb Photographic | Tom Carter |

Im a 17 year old, established music photographer based in the south west, do not let my age shadow your initial opinion, please take the time to view my portfolio. I specialise in music photography/event photography and .....Read more


Photographer Tomasz Idczak

I live in Torquay since november 2007. In time free from proffesional work I developing my photography skils. My favorite subjects are local events, portraits, fashion, family events. I have own website with example of m.....Read more

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