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James Bullock

St John's Revival

Booking agent for international DJs Artists management Event management Creative consultancy..Read more

James Shea Consulting / James Shea Consulting

James Shea Consulting

James Shea Consulting

We develop and deliver community engaged arts projects and programmes of arts activities for and with partners within south east England. Our consultancy services comprise project management, business planning, developme.....Read more

Jan Bennett / artist

Jan Bennett


I paint pictures, create 3-D 'scuptures' using recycled materials, paint faux marble and re-vamp retro furniture. I show some of my art-work in my themed studio windows in Norfolk Road, Littlehampton. Find me on facebook.....Read more

jAN gRIFFITHS / Jan Griffiths


Jan Griffiths

Ceramic Artist..Read more

Jane Chitty / Jane Chitty Artworks

Jane Chitty

Jane Chitty Artworks

I run different art classes designed for individual people – ranging from those who have not touched a paintbrush since schooldays to those who paint regularly and want some guidance and input about their work. My begi.....Read more

Jane Denman / Artist & Tutor

Jane Denman

Artist & Tutor

ARTIST As a figurative painter I tend to work to my own set projects. One of which involved contemporary dance. This project lasted for about 6 years, fuelling me as a painter as I watched dance in all its beautiful an.....Read more

Jane Keeley / Sculptor

Jane Keeley


I sculpt figures, faces and natural forms in many media, from soft clay and billows of cloth to spiky wire and hard metal. My work captures gesture, posture & expression. Having studied art and design at Brighton Univers.....Read more

jane rusbridge / Mrs

jane rusbridge


Jane Rusbridge is a writer living in a tiny village in the South Downs with her husband, a farmer, and the youngest of their five children. Jane has lived in West Sussex for nearly 30 years and, until recently, was based.....Read more

Janine Creaye / Sculptor

Janine Creaye


My main skills are wood and stone carving. I have over 30 years experience of carving both. Although much of my commissioned work is for public sites I constantly work on smaller carvings, as a way of experimenting and.....Read more

Jayne Sandys-Renton - Artist / Jayne Sandys-Renton - Artist

Jayne Sandys-Renton - Artist

Jayne Sandys-Renton - Artist

Jayne Sandys-Rentons’ use of mixed media, oils and ink on canvas, appear more as an excavation of what lies within the psyche of the land, rather than a representation of it. Yet these landscapes are recognisable and fam.....Read more

JerichoArt / Biography



I was born and brought up in Subotica (former Yugoslavia, now Serbia) and emigrated to Britain in 1991. I was always interested in art and only had an opportunity to entertain that idea once I moved to the UK, where supp.....Read more

Jill / Jill Iliffe:  Artist


Jill Iliffe: Artist

Working primarily in oil and graphite, Jill's work is varied, but focussed. Often working in series, she is interested in a moment of reflection whether the subject is a portrait or from nature. Working in detail she z.....Read more

Jim Pollard / Writer

Jim Pollard


Writer of non-fiction and fiction, editor of print and online media...Read more

JK Theatre Arts

Theatre School

JK Theatre Arts provides first class performing arts training for children between the ages of 3 and 18 years. Classes are located in Ardingly in Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Whether your child is a .....Read more

JKM Guitars / Hand Made Guitars and Ukuleles

JKM Guitars

Hand Made Guitars and Ukuleles

JKM Guitars specialising in making and repairing stringed musical instruments and are based in Storrington, West Sussex. JKM guitars is run by Jacob Menear, a fully qualified luthier with 5 years of making and repair.....Read more

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