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Words Ideas And Images To Make You Think is my tagline.

I am an artist-writer and author. I specialise in all mind body spirit themes in my art and writings.

My books are more pragmatic. They are educational, designed to make life and learning easy. The self-help topics include time management, self-coaching, self-publishing, abundance and sales – complete courses in handy pocket guides.

Profit From Unlimited Thinking is a five-part course in creative thinking and managing change for self-paced learning.

Some say art should not need explaining. Others like to get inside the mind of the artist. For the latter, my contemporary spiritual art is a form of spiritual discipline, a communion between me and what and who I believe in.

Continuing the theme of Words Ideas And Images To Make You Think, all I paint and draw represent a range of metaphysical concepts.

The cartoon art is a more accessible and often humorous way of expressing some of those ideas. It is available in a range of merchandise. A range of collectable cartoons, based on the little books, is currently being created and produced.

First off the press: 30 Tips For Surviving Recessions Depressions And Downturns.

I am also working on a larger project: Wise El's Big Thoughts - cartoons and metaphysical thoughts that are both serious and humorous. They will be available in a range of merchandise including gift books.

Delusions of Divinity? is my blog-style column. I firmly subscribe to the view that every individual can make a difference; that we should stand up and be counted, and my posts frequently reflect strong opinions, as well as being an account of my spiritual journey.

I have been involved in personal development since 1989. I am trained in hypnotherapy, NLP, career guidance and counselling, and am a lifelong student of pragmatic metaphysics. My articles have appeared in trade and consumer publications, in print and on the web.

Previously, I spent over 25 successful years in IT sales and business development.

As well as selling my original art and books, I am available for art commissions and am a freelance writer and copywriter.

I am based in Angmering in West Sussex.

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