Clown,Artist,Woodworker,Sculptur Hal Brooks

I am now retired after many years working as a clown, artist, sculptor and woodworker. I still enjoy sculpting with with card and paper mache and would like to know if anyone else in the area is using the same medium.

I am also interested in portraiture using any medium. I play the piano and would be interested to know if anyone is writing lyrics that I could put a tune to.

I have my own group of makers in the U3A, Arun West.

I am a lightening sketch artist, who can teach this skill if anyone would be interested in learning more about it. You can see me working on my website

If you would like to know more about Hal, visit the website where you can also find details of his book, Hal Brooks' Clown etc published by Troubador ,

I like marshmallows and liquorice allsorts!!

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