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Your Place - Get involved

Your Place - Get involved

Tempo Arts' second commission for 'Your Place' has started. Claudia Kappenberg's on-line project 'The Hastings Book of the Earth - Fantasy Funerals' will launch during August.

Kappenberg's new work responds to the pandemic which has emphasised the process of dying & the numerous associated rituals. She has built her project by reflecting on the experiences we have with death & funerals.

She would like to hear people's ideas & memories to include in her work. These shared thoughts might be a moment at a funeral that had a personal significance or a description of how people imagine what they want for their own funeral

To leave a comment, please go to the Contact Page on Kappenberg's blog https://thehastingsbookoftheearth.wordpress.com

'Your Place' is supported by public funding through Arts Council England's Emergency Response Fund & East Sussex Arts Partnership.


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