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The Little Theatre

The Little Theatre

The Little Theatre is located in Balfour Street in Hertford and was formerly the infants' School of Christ Church, which was built in 1868. In the late 1960's, the church was demolished and the land and adjoining schoolhouse were put out to tender by the Church Commissioners. Due to the generousity of a then anonymous well-wisher, the company was in a position to make a successful tender and in February 1972 the building and adjoining land were purchased. Richard Hitch, a Chartered Architect and member of CoPs produced pans for the conversion of the building into a theatre and planning permission was obtained for terraced houses on the adjoining land. The land was then sold to a developer, netting The Company a profit with which to carry out the conversion.
The Theatre seats 63 and is equipped with a dressing room, a technical control room, in-house communications, CCTV and storage facilities. In 1998 an extention to The Theatre was built, providing a foyer and additional storage facilities.

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The Little Theatre

6 Christchurch Place
Balfour Street
SG14 3BB
SG14 3BB

Telephone: 01992 589 034

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